A True Married Slut

My friend Janet is a true married slut.... A few years ago, when we worked together in a large warehouse, I would fuck her regularly. Often, she would go home to her family and make them dinner while my sperm was still leaking from her pussy or asshole depending on which mood I was in that particular day. On many occasions she would suck my cock in the parking lot of the strip mall located down the road from her house then get back in her car, drive home and kiss her hubby on the lips. On one occasion, while her hubby was out drinking with his buddies and her kids where outside in front of the house playing, she left the back door unlocked so I snuck in her house and fucked her in the ass on her bed. I literally got in her backdoor twice! As I was ready to cum, she jumped off and took my cock in her mouth and swallowed all my cum. While sneaking out the backdoor I could hear her calling the kids in and as I was driving away I passed her husband on the road. I'm pretty sure he was drunk and tried to fuck her that night, I hope she cleaned herself up but I'm sure she didn't. Janet was a special kind of whore, a willing slut that would do anything or anybody for a sexual thrill.


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  • When I was in high school I was assistant Boy scout leader and the real scout leader was sick a lot of the time so with me looking older than I was and being in charge of 14 boys I found out some of the married women were attracted to me and for my senior year there were three married gals that would let me fuck them whenever they could arrange it.

  • It is fun and exciting to have some sex outside of marriage. my ex had sex with her father and my wife had sex with co-workers before we were married. I had sex with my ex's best friend. Oh, how exciting.

  • My ex from high school loves sex we are both nymphos while we are perfect sexually compatible. That's about it we don't have anything in common and our dating never lasted. What always remained is her coming over to my house late at night. She would joke how lame a fuck her date was then we would fuck. I never thought much other than I enjoyed fueling her to even this day she is the best. As we got older she went thru relationships marriages as I did as well. We feed each others sexual needs like I said we are very different and no one suspected us. We got very bold or she did she had a daughter who was 7 yrs old. One day she came by with her daughter when her daughter was watching TV she pulled me into my bedroom. I was pounding her good when we realized her daughter was watching I jumped back my 9 1/4" long very thick cock in her little face. Her eyes got big and she giggled saying that's really big. Pam laugh telling her to sit next to her saying yes that's a big cock and it make me happy. Kaitlynn then said your cheating on daddy Pam laugh saying kinda but you know your daddy is a lot smaller. Kaitlynn shrugged I could tell she felt awkward and realized her mom was a slut. Suddenly Pam is giving her daughter a lesson on being a size queen. After that she watched us have sex lost count how many times. Her marriage didn't last very long to that husband. Kaitlynn was 9 the first time she joined us only oral and we both finger banged her till she orgasmed many times. She was 11 when I first was able to stretch her out enough to enter and started fucking her as well. She fit right in with our level of sex and I crushed on her. When she was 12 1/2 she moved I with me and we was a silent couple only Pam knew and was 100% supportive. When she was 15 us old we got married and have been together ever since. I still fuck Pam we have threesomes and certified sex addicts lol.

  • Ah, Janet. She used to come on to me. I knew she was a pain in the ass though. Steve was a nice guy but too nice, you know?

  • My sexy wife's name isn't Janet, but god do I wish she was just like her. I would ask her to dress very sexy and slutty and go out by herself, and go to bed with as many black men as she can, then come home and tell me all about her evening

  • Is her name Shannon?

  • Shannon peaters

  • My wife would like someone to come fuck her

  • I'll fuck her, were do you live

  • Where do you live ?

  • Awsome im your servent today yes master what u what me to do or receive

  • Lucky guy. There are plenty of websites where you can find someone.
    I prefer swinger groups. Im a bit of a voyeur so I enjoy watching her face as she is penetrated or orgasms.
    My fav is DP so we have great fun

  • My name is Don, I'm 6' 5", very fit and I'm built for fun and sustained fulfillment. Where is she located? hungFunBuddy on G M A I L for a pic and chat.

  • Would you be interested in fucking my 28 yo virgin fiancée?

  • Where do you live

  • Helen ga

  • Im seven and i love sucking dick

  • You can suck my dick anytime

  • Please let me suck you BUT you have to call me a slut and a whore while I suck you and maybe if a friend was fucking my ass at the same time ...

  • I love hearing a horny girl talk like that! I am a white male, and I have a little over 7 inches of cock, and would make your wish come true really fast! I would invite my black friend over, and we would have you turned out! Talk it... let's do it.

  • No way u for real wow

  • I'm like this, except no drama. I'm wet right now from a fuck and have been sexting. It's so good to get all kinds of cocks and to be worshipped.

  • Nice do you crave slow sweet oral ?

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  • This story reminds me of when I was fucking my married legal assistant. Although I will not mention her name, I will tell you that she was an older woman in her late 50's. We began our affair in the office after everyone had left for the day. She would call her husband and tell her that she had a rush project that needed to be done right away. We had sex everywhere in the office. This went on for months which eventually led me to her home when her husband was working late or was away. If she backed her car in near the garage, her husband wasn't home. If she pulled up to the garage, he was.
    One cold night, I parked my car well away from her house and noticed her car was backed in. I went up the steps and rang the bell. She invited me inside.
    The door was barely shut when she dropped to her knees and started to unbutton my pants. She pulled them to my ankles and started to give me the best blowjob of my life right there in her home. I kept looking out the window in case her husband came home. All of a sudden I let go with an unmistakable amount of cum in her mouth. She kept sucking me dry until my legs were getting weak. Just then I saw headlights pull in the driveway. I pulled up my pants and went out through the kitchen and into the woods. I ran down the side of the road. Lucky I knew my way around, I was able to get back to my car.
    A few months later she told me that she was moving out of state as her husband had taken another job and the affair ended.
    I have had other women since, but none could compare to her!

  • I hope my 28 yo virgin fiancée works for you soon!

  • What is it with women named Janet?
    I have two married women named Janet that are the sexiest women you'd ever hope to meet and One married to a big hell of a guy named Vic she invited me to come and visit them over Thanksgiving holidays and I accepted when I arrived at their house their daughter started in attacking me she was 11 and loved to wrestle with me and it was a challenge to me to keep my hands to myself with her.
    Daily we wrestled and one afternoon I started in tickling Janet and she got all giggly and squirmed at my touches and I kissed her neck from behind and she layed her head back and I told her her hair smelled really nice and kissed her neck again and her hands reached behind and took hold of my hips and pulled me tight against her, yes I had a erection and she got a good feeling of it pressed tight against her ass. She must have held me like that for some time for I even got harder being she was rubbing against me all the time and one thing led to another and we ended up fucking for about five hours before Vic called and said he was going to be late for he had to work overtime and she hung up the phone crawled on top of me and rode me to another half dozen orgasms and collapsed upon me and we both fell asleep.
    We almost got caught but we got separated and dressed before Vic came into the living room and the TV just came on and we were sitting in different chairs and the TV started in showing the big wreck in interstate 80 on Donner Pass which kept Vic away from home and let Janet get hold of me and use me for her satisfaction but I got a lot too.

  • Janet is what I'd like MY wife to be. I would love it if my wife were fucking guys behind my back. Just the thought of that gets me ROCK HARD. And I know there are plenty of guys in the neighborhood and at her workplace that want to do it, believe me. Who knows? Maybe she's making my fantasies come true and I don't even know about it. That would be fucking awesome.

  • The thought of my 28 year old virgin fiancée going behind my back to lose her virginity turns me on so fucking much! There are definitely some people that I know who knows she’s a virgin and some of them I know want to fuck her. Someone can very well permanently deny me her virginity and have their dick tightly squeezed by her virgin cunt. If it’s happened, I hope I find out soon.

  • Let me see the little slut

  • Reminds me of my ex-sil.She was ready to fuck 24/7. All I had to do was tell her to come over, or meet me. She'd tell her husband some lie, come get a couple of loads from me, and go back home. As far as I know, my wife never had a clue either. She once sucked me off in the basement of her parent's house. While the rest of the family was upstairs having Thanksgiving dinner, looking up at me with cum all around her lovely mouth, she said "Now, I'm thankful to you for providing me such a good Thanksgiving meal!" Slut-pussy, is simply the best!

  • I've had a woman similar to this. I've written about her on this site as well, I understand what you mean by "her drama". I bet I could fuck my old girl six ways to Sunday, but sometimes it's just not worth it.

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    Nice meeting you here, Contact me on my email at (marizanomarsani@gmail.com) for proper introduction and to send my pictures to you for i want us to be best of friends and know more about each other.best regards.

  • So, why aren't you still involved with her?

  • Her husband found out she was fucking some other dude so she stopped fucking around for a while. She has many fuck buddies but he thinks it was just one guy. She's still with her husband and will text me every now and then but I'm not interested in being part of her drama. But I'm sure she's back to spreading that pussy around again.

  • My wife does same, only guys she fucks wives are keeping close eye on their husbands, so my wife begs and does what she can to get them in her, ok by me, love her wet slippery hole leaking fresh hot semen.

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