Does letting my gay friend suck me off make me gay?

I'm a totally straight guy but haven't been getting much later. I have a really close friend who is gay. I was friends with him since we were kids before I even knew he was gay. I've never been attracted to him or anything and I don't think he ever has been to me. Anyway last week I was at his place and he mentioned he would love to give me a blow job just for fun. I reminded him that I'm not gay but he says so what, a mouth is a mouth and I swallow. It's not like we kissed or fucked in the ass or anything. so I gave in and let him blow me. It was the best BJ I ever got because I guess guys know their cocks. I don't plan to ever do it again but I've been wondering if this makes me gay? I don't think it does I just got a BJ. Right??????

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  • If you have sexual contact with another man you are gay or bisexual stop living in denial

  • No, it does not make you gay. You just love getting a blowjob. I love giving blowjobs and I am not gay. I just love sucking cocks.

  • Hell no! it just feels good! I would suck your cock, and I am not gay!

  • What makes you gay is desiring men as sexual, and life partners, exclusively.

    If you desire men and women, you have bisexual tendencies, which can be confirmed by leading your life with both.

    If you desire women, and just want your cock sucked, you could be a little kinky, or just love to be an asshole towards desperate gay men....that't ain't Gay.

  • No you are not gay, everyone needs and wants their parts sucked, licked or manipulated in some way! So just enjoy!!
    And tell us about it!

  • Yes it makes you gay. But it seems to me as long as you stay anonymous no one will know & you can just keep it yalls secret & everyone's happy.

  • The answer is "yes". It makes you gay.

  • Seriously? So 98% of men in prison are gay? Being gay is having a sexual attraction to the same sex, not receiving a blow job.

  • If you let another man put his cock in your mouth, or you put yours in his, BOTH OF YOU ARE GAY. Jesus.....faggots....

  • So if a gay man screws a straight woman, that makes him straight?

  • Good point!!

  • It makes him one very sick fuck. And it makes her one very disappointed woman. Jesus.......faggots........

  • Yeah dude, keep letting him suck your cock (or jerking you off)! Until you get a gf, just enjoy it & make each other happy.

  • Was it a good bj? Who cares about labels. It's not like you have to tell anyone. If you liked it keep doing it

  • I totally agree. Pleasure is pleasure, who cares?

  • You bet! if it feels good, do it as many times as you can!
    Then do it again!!

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