Oh My...My neighbor fantasy

I live in an upper-middle class neighborhood here in Florida. I've been in my home for almost 10 years now, got a great wife & two great kids. Real Ozzie & Harriet kinda thing...
I probably have hundreds of confessions to make for you to realize how fucked up (sexually) I am. But for today I'll stick with this one...

She lives directly across the street from me. She too is married, 38, stay at home mommy who used to be a middle school teacher until her kids were born & he told her she was welcome to become Molly-homemaker. She is about 5' 4". Strawberry blonde hair and on her worst day weighs 110 lbs. She has beautiful pale skin with the most adorable freckles on her shoulders & bridge of her nose. About 5 years ago she broke down and replaced her small B-cups the kids stole from her with shapely teardrop D cups. That is about as far as I'd say she goes in the way of vanity. She is the epitome of conservative in almost every way.
In the evenings, especially winter we (about 5 or six neighborhood couples) sit in my driveway, light a fire, drink beer and let our kids run from house to house and all play. This of course has extended to smaller groups once the kids are in school (again she's a stay at home mom & I work from home). Now that it's summer and sweltering hot in florida the neighborhood kids often flock to my house because we have a pool in the backyard. I often fire up the grill and make them all lunch they can eat outside and continue to play. She is the only one that seems to feel any obligation to come over and offer additional adult help and because she usually shows up in a bathing suit (with appropriate wrap) I never decline her offers.
These last few weeks have become routine and have led to hours of time spent on lounge chairs with frozen drinks in our hands as we let the pool babysit our kids. I assume with the kids around is the reason she has let her guard down and our friendship grown.
This woman has no idea how sexually charged and twisted I am. She has no idea I've never been able to be monogamous to one girl-woman since my high school relationships. I've participated in threesomes with my buddies and their girlfriends and sometimes their wives. I've met other lonely housewives in adjacent neighborhoods and been their dominant and they my submissives. There are more secrets, many more. Nothing illegal but all that would tarnish my squeaky clean image of loving husband and all around go to neighborhood friend.
I watch my new friend when she works in the yard and always offer the pool to her (and her kids of course) to cool off when she's done. She usually obliges and thanks me by bringing a new batch of frozen boat drinks she's found from Pinterest. I'd love to tell you she's become flirtatious or even lost her coverup to show me more of her beautiful alabaster body. But the truth is she just constantly accepts my "harmless" invitations and engages me in hours of easy going conversation. She usually leaves about 30min or so before her husband or my wife come home, I suspect because she knows in some way men and women cannot really be "just friends".
If she only knew how under my dark shades I have stripped her down. I've caught glimpses of the outline of her beautiful shaped box when I offered to refill our drinks. Under her white cotton coverup I've seen her nipples harden when the kids splashed her with water from a contest winning cannonball. I missed an entire question she asked once as she sat 'Indian style' on the lounge chair and stretched her back. I've lied and told her I had to go to the bathroom and peek out of the bedroom window that overlooks her chair. During this time I've pulled my aching cock out and stroked myself as I could barely see down her coverup. Scared, I put it away and 'thought of her' later that night.
If she ever gives me an inkling of a green light I have no doubt I will pounce and bury myself in her.
Everyday I wait, wonder and wish.

8.7 years ago

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