Mom and sister's panties

When I was a teen, I used to use my mother's and sister's panties to masturbate. Sometimes I would shoot my load into them and put them back in the drawer, hoping they would put them on with my cum between their legs.
I actually jerked off into my sister's thong when we were both recently visiting our parents. I blew my load right in the area that would be where her "sweet spot" would be. Then I put them back into her suitcase.


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  • Used to swipe my hot older sister's thong undies and bikini bottoms all the time, use them for pleasure, and either throw them into the washer or back in the hamper. If I took them from her dresser, I'd sometimes keep them in my bedroom and re-use them until the laundry was in, run down to the washer, and throw them in.

    She did know I took her thongs and bikini bottoms, and would ask if I knew where, or, had, a certain pair she wanted to wear (it was our thing..she was cool with it, even flattered), but didn't know, or let on, being aware of what I did with them.

    Funny..I was going to a state park with her, just us, to lay out and tan one afternoon, and I had her sexiest, tiny black bikini bottoms in my bedroom. Instead of asking me, she correctly presumed, and said "Get your stuff together, and throw my bikini bottoms in your bag". I did so, and we had a great day laying out.

  • Yes used to do same to a friends mother and 3 sisters.Two of them are model material and to think i used to lick their gussets and spunk in their pants dozens of times..

  • Just today babysitting my sisters dog I put on her sexiest panties and bra with thigh high stockings and a full slip with her makeup and heels. Took out one of her vibrators and stood over her panty draw fucking my ass with her vibe and came all over all her panties.. I did this 4 times today.

  • What a turn on.

  • Did the same often with sister's.

  • I've done the same to my sister in laws when I was younger.
    You're a nasty cuss, just keep it legal and pray no one figures out how screw up you are.

    Your fellow pervert,


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