My wife is our dogs bitch

I developed a migraine at work and had a co-worker drive me home. When I went up to the bedroom I walked in on my wife bent over on the edge of the bed and our dog fucking her. I was upset but instead of pulling them apart I held the dog inside her and made him knot her. It hurt so bad she was begging me to get them apart somehow.

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  • I love watching our dog mount my wife and she does it often for the thrill of it. I have even tied her to the footstool with her ass in the air and filled her with honey just to watch him lick her clean then screw her brains out for an hour. He will mount her over and over licking his own cum off of her then walks around panting for a bit then right back at it. His cock is way bigger than mine, fricken thing has to be nine inches long and he buries it into her making her grunt has he pounds her. When his know swells up it is about the size of a tennis ball and I can always tell when he is bulging with a knot because she starts moaning out and closes her eyes really tight. I love looking behind her after several good mountings, her pussy is always swollen and wet. He even licked her so much one time that her skin and lips were red from all of it.

  • Wish I was married to you!

  • Nasty Cunt

  • I am my dogs bitch. I have two. They get me at least 3 times a week. I let each usually on alternating nights but let both have me on the same night often. Their cum is so delicious

  • Where do you live?

  • Did you or were they tied for a long time?


  • I have been tied to them for well over a hour but usually about 40 minutes. While tied they continue to pump their spunk into you all the time till they turn around then he slows down. That's when I have to hang onto his hind legs to keep him in me till his knot goes down some.

  • I have been tied with my Rotty for over a hour as he fills my puss with his spunk, god what a feeling.

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