My wife is our dogs bitch

I developed a migraine at work and had a co-worker drive me home. When I went up to the bedroom I walked in on my wife bent over on the edge of the bed and our dog fucking her. I was upset but instead of pulling them apart I held the dog inside her and made him knot her. It hurt so bad she was begging me to get them apart somehow.

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  • Nasty Cunt

  • I am my dogs bitch. I have two. They get me at least 3 times a week. I let each usually on alternating nights but let both have me on the same night often. Their cum is so delicious

  • Where do you live?

  • Did you or were they tied for a long time?

  • I have been tied to them for well over a hour but usually about 40 minutes. While tied they continue to pump their spunk into you all the time till they turn around then he slows down. That's when I have to hang onto his hind legs to keep him in me till his knot goes down some.

  • I have been tied with my Rotty for over a hour as he fills my puss with his spunk, god what a feeling.

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