Had sex with best friends boyfriend

I threw a party this past saturday. My best friend and he r boyfriend were here dancing and having fun. She had to leave early but he came back to pick up his friend. I was soooo very drunk. When he came back we kissed. Came up to the party and we ended up having sex in the bathroom. I feel guilty because she doesnt know and she was so happy with this man and she just came out of a really bad relationship. I dont know what to do but I am scared how can i talk to her like a friend when this happened.


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  • You loved it and will do it again so don’t say you feel bad your cunt loved it and he should
    Fuck you in your Ass

  • I forget it ever happened and not say a thing everybody will be along fine I'm just don't let it happen again

  • I also had sex with my best friends boyfriend. He denied it, so she called me a liar and I lost the both them. If I could do anything different, it would be to tell her before it happened. But since there is no going back now, sit down with her and explain to her what happened. She will definitely be mad at first, but if she's a true friend she will come out of it okay.

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