I'm 15 and I let my childhood best friend fuck me..

Ok, so I'm 15 and I'm gunna be 16 soon.. I have a little interesting case that just happened.. Growing up was a tomboy, but I didn't really have any boy friends, I just did stuff they did, they didn't really like me.. but there was this one kid, who was my childhood best friend. Every weekday and summer after school, we'd play, but sometimes I'd give him a kiss or two behind our houses.. we really liekd eachother, but him especially.. Ever since 6th grade, he's had a hard-on for me, and being that we were childhood friends, I just laughed about it. We generally got through middle school and now it's the beginning of high school. His parents were out of town, so he threw a party. We all had a lot of fun, after his friends left, I was the only one to stay. We did what we normally did, talked and stuff, but I was feeling a little hot. Idk, maybe it was the slight amount of alcohol i tried (like 1 1/2 or two beers). Anyways, I was getting hot, so since we're best friends and I practically live in his house lol, I took off my shirt, revealing my half-undershirt (belly button showing). He was hard af, but he kept hiding it. So, I toyed with him a bit. Since the party stared 1 pm and ended at 8, we were up for a bit. We did stuff around the house, I'd randomly bend over and put my head on his shoulder and get close, he absolutely loved it and I did too. Eventually, I giggled, he asked why, until I finally responded "I can see your bulge." lol, I was really damn horny. He just blushed and acted shy about it, but I told him to stop. I took off my shoes, and used my two toes to rub his bulge, up and down, down and up. He told me that he couldn't take it, and undressed me, I let him. After that was kind of a blur because of me being absolutely tired (I have poor memory), but he fucked me in order to my command, I'd tell him harder, he'd do it like a wild animal, i'd tell him too hard, he'd become completely passionate. My goood. It was the best feeling in the world. And it kept hitting the right spot. Mmmmm, I've been a naughty girl and I'm just 15.. plus I'm thinking of more. I hope he doesn't tell anyone, I don't wanna be labeled a whore, teehee! Anyways, I just wanted to confess.. l8r

8 years ago

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    • Damn, youre such a good girl. why didnt i have a childhood friend like that ;)?!

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