ADIDAS - All Day i Dream About Sex

I constantly think about my coworker fucking me. When I see him at work my pussy quivers and goes to work getting nice and wet. I'm wet now just thinking about it. I'm intrigued by this man. We have quite a few meetings together and although I am listening in the back of my mind I just daydream about his dick being inside me. Tearing my ass up. Cumming excessively. It does not help that we continuosly flirt but I admit on any given occassion I want my pussy on his face, his dick in my mouth and finally an orgasmic exchange that neither one of our spouses can give us. Oh yeah did I mention we are both married.

Lord help me. Please don't judge :)

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  • I am not married but I prefer doing married women over single ones.Just take the lead role and I promise you he will follow.Just tell him you have rented a room somewhere and want to spend some alone time with him.He will for sure say yes.After he says yes,go ahead and rent the room and fuck him all you want till your pussy gets dry.But be careful and don't get pregnant.

  • Since you both flirt with each other, its easy to just mention when you are alone together "so when are we going to take this to the next level?"

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