Son in law gives me orgasms in my kitchen

I recently started having sex with my son in law. He says he seduced me. And he did prod me into it. But I do enjoy it so. I don't want it to stop now. I am almost 70. Widowed. Live alone. Lost my husband about 5 years ago after 49 years of marriage. Had never been with another man before, during, or after my marriage. At least until now. Had always enjoyed sex. Thought my husband and I had a good sex life. I guess we did. Though now I know I had no idea what sexual pleasures I had been missing. After my husband died I still got horny sometimes and pretty wet. But had assumed my days of sex were basically over other than some self-stimulation. Was I wrong. My son in law stops by my place most mornings on his way to work for an hour or so. Usually gets naked and slips into bed next to me. He kisses and rubs all over me. Tells me how beautiful and sexy I am. Makes me feel so desirable. Then he starts playing with my pussy. Says he is amazed at how wet I get. He usually gets a finger full of my juice and sucks on it. Says my pussy juice is the best thing he’s ever tasted. I know it’s not true, but I do love to hear him say it. Soon he’s got his face between my legs licking up and down between my pussy lips and sticking his tongue inside me. Seems like he has a long tongue and I can feel it pretty far up in me. Feels sooo good. By then his cock is usually rock hard and he swings it around to slide it into me. Oh, how heavenly it is to feel a cock inside me again. Though he’s not huge, my son in law’s cock is bigger than my husband’s was. Feels like he really fills me up. And he seems to shoot a lot of cum inside me. I can really feel it when his slippery cum starts to coat the inside of my pussy. And I don’t like it when he pulls out. God, I want his cock in me as long as possible. Though I love it too, cuming in my pussy seems to satisfy my son in law pretty well. Then it’s my turn to get attention from his magic fingers. Because I have asthma, I am not comfortable lying on my back for too long. We discovered early on that I do best when standing up. So we go into the kitchen, get ourselves a cup of coffee and sit on a couple of stools. When we are ready, I stand up, hike a leg up on a chair, lean up against my still sitting son in law, and hug him good and tight. He reaches down and makes sure my pussy is still nice and wet. Then he slips first one, then a second finger up inside me. It is uncanny how he seems to know exactly where and how to rub. I knew I had a pretty sensitive G spot. But had no clue just how sensitive until my son in law showed me. Sometimes he uses just one finger. Most of the time two. He invariably has me cuming the first time within 20-30 seconds. He really mixes up his finger motion. Swirling around, fast rubbing, gentle tapping, hard poking. My G spot seems to love it all. Pretty much whatever he does gets me off in short order. I will have 3 or 4 good orgasms within 5 minutes. Then I will have to sit down to catch my breath. We will drink some coffee and talk for a couple of minutes. Then on to the next round of orgasms. Much like the first. By the time he has to leave for work we have usually had 3 or 4 of these rounds of orgasms and I have cum a dozen times or more within a half an hour. No kidding. It is easily the most pleasurably intense time of my life. Sometimes I am afraid I hug my son in law too hard when I cum. But he says he loves it. The harder the better. And he says he loves to hear me moan and whimper in his ear during my orgasms. Maybe the wildest thing is how wet I get. I start out pretty wet. But within the first few orgasms my pussy gets so wet that the juice starts dripping down my leg. And eventually on the carpet. This was new for me. And at first I was pretty embarrassed. My son in law says I am ejaculating or squirting. He assures me that it is not pee. And as much as he likes to lick it off his fingers and hand, I guess not. In fact, he tells me that he is addicted to my juice. Can’t get enough of it. We now keep a towel handy to wipe up all my juice. A few weeks ago I led a pretty lonely, sexless life. Now I live for all the orgasms my son in law gives me and to feel his cock inside me as often as possible. Just last night he stopped by on his way to the grocery. Within about 20 minutes he had pumped my pussy full of his cum and then fingered me to several orgasms. Including some of my strongest yet. All in my kitchen. I’ve got a new appreciation for that part of my house. I really do love my daughter dearly. But she seems to have little interest in sex anymore. Her husband clearly remains very interested in sex. And I now realize how much I enjoy and want sex. My son in law has given me an opportunity to feel sensual again. Seems that as long as no one else knows, we are not hurting anybody with our sexual adventure. I have decided to do this for me. Who knows how much longer I will be able to enjoy such earthly pleasures.


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  • I'm 41and my mother in law is 58 , it would be a dream cum true if I could get her to fulfill my fantasy . I actually think she has masturbated and thought of me before because she's freaky like that. She flirts with me once in a while when her daughter isn't around. One time when we were watching their house while they were away my wife and I snooped and found her white vibrator .

  • I am 52 and my mil is 76, I would love to have her too. I have been attracted to her since I first met her. And I still remember the day.

  • I too have regular sex with my mil. Her husband is clueless and my wife doesn't pay attention. 8 years and 1 a week.

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