My Name is Paresh and my bhabhi name is Divya(name changed). i never had craze on my bhabhi but one day i saw my bhabhi's ass by mistakely from that day i want to fucked my bhabhi but i never get chance but i was waiting for something to happen.one day my brother take a new home in north DELHI.our whole family were there with my bhai.he taked home at 9th floor.puja and all other vidhi was finished.now we all were gone to own house and during this i had saw many glimpse of my bhabhi asset.after 6 months my bhai's child birthday was there and only me & my elder brother was going...the birthday was gone and now the time to leave but bhai insist to stay more 2 or 3 days but my bhai has to go for his job..so i stayed at home.during morning time my bro's goes to job and his child goes to school.so only me and my bhabhi stays at home.so first morning bhabhi said i have to go for some urgent work so i said ok.i was nearly 3-4 hrs alone at home..1/2 hour i was just watching t.v. but after i gone to bhabhi's room and take out her bra and panty collection started licking and doing time pass.it was big around 38c bra size and 32 around panty size..in one undies i had masterbated and throw in gutter....it was great feeling and after bhabhi came,we really had good conversation.on NEXT morning,again bhabhi said that i have an urgent work..now i feel that something is wrong but i can't do anything.i made a plan.on Next day bhabhi again said that i have urgent work..after bhabhi left the home.i was following her 1st she goes down and have chit chat with another women around 1/2 hour.i thought that she just roam around here and there but a well build goes near from me and he was going from staircase not from lift.i don't mind at all..bhabhi started to come back.so i ran hard within 5 min i was at home but 1/2 hr was gone and bhabhi doesn't come back.so i goes down again but used staircase.while going down i saw bhabhi was going from lift now i started making some reason why i was going down.when i reached 9th floor.i saw lift doesn't stop,it was stopped at 15th floor below terrace.now i started thing why and i ran to 15th floor on staircase.when i reached 14th floor i hear some noise,so i removed my sandal...going with small steps.when i reached 15th floor staircase,i saw my bhabhi and that guy..bhabhi was licking his dick without bra and panty.i take two steps further to stop them.they has not seen me yet because they were busy in blowjob.so i made a plan.i gone two steps back and take video of them.now i thought what should i do.so i ran towards them and take my bhabhi with their hair and hated tight slap and told that guy to go away.he take his dick inside and gone from lift.now i take her with the hair home fully nude with the clothes in my hand.take in the bedroom and asked him why she does it with my brother.she was crying.i said that" you are not satisfied with my bro"bhabhi replied"no,he never satisfied me".Now it was to executing my second plan.it was all my plan.i removed my dick started fucking her 1st she attacked and stopping me but she gave up..i fucked my bhabhi.she said that she tell to my bro about all this.at that time i showed the video and she gave up that idea.now everytime i gone to my bro's house i fuck my bhabhi and now even she enjoys with me.sometime we did not get place,so we go to hotel and have sex...now that guy whenever comes,she gave money to me for fucking my bhabhi but my bhabhi doesn't know about this.she is thinking that i don't know,so let it be!!
thanks divya for this what you are giving to me

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  • Most Indians I know don't give a shit about sex but it sure is a pain in the ass tho.

  • You dothead indians might just stick to fucking them camels, or at least writing stories about fucking camels, or elephants or what ever four legged critters you all have sex with over there.

  • This might be the worst post ever.

  • This guy sucks.his pathetic narration skills are tarnishing the image of us INDIANS .well he has learnt nothing from the land of KAMASUTRA.

  • Thats because my brother not all indians are so good with expressing through english.......
    and as with this post almost all are FAKE tryin to gain appreciation as in our society SEX with multiple girls is a rare incident....
    So u can ignore dis post and give this dumbass a break.

  • Why is it Indian confessions are always so fucking illiterate?

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