My girlfriend has D-cup boobs. She doesn't think they're very big, though. I have to confess that I enjoy them. She's very concerned with her looks and often has me help her with different "tests" to measure herself. For example, she's had me help her measure how long her tits are (5 inches), how big around they are (16 inches), how long across her aereolas are (2 inches), and whether her nose or boobs touch a wall first (boobs). She's always looking for other "tests" to do with her boobs so she can see how "good" they are. Any suggestions?

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  • I really love my wifes tits they are 16C round, firm and just lovely with nice largish pink nipples

  • Similar to the below comment..My hot older sister, who has marvelous tits, was a dance team coach for years, and, kept some of the girl's uniforms. I was helping her clean her apartment one night, and we came across some small, deep-cut vests the girls wore.

    I suggested she put one on, and, after a little coaxing, she did, nearly popping out of it. I wanted her to burst out, so, told her breathe heavy and puff her tits out, until the snaps gave way. They did, setting her tits free. Have had her do it with tight button-down shirts, too. She thinks it's fun!

  • See how fast she can pop shirt buttons...

  • Me and my gf is in serious relationship from 3 years. We are too serious about our relationship. We use to having sex twice or thrice in a week. Actually I had a serious addiction of masterbate due to which I use to cum in 3-4 min during sex. When I use to fuck my gf slowly then it went to 10-15 mins but she like to be fucked faster. She loves it. But fucking her faster I use to cum in 2 - 3 mins and she use to afterwards that fuck me more.... Yess...fuck me fast...afterwards she didn't say anything to me but I know she wants to be fucked more by my dick. It feel very embarrassed afterwards. But sometimes I use to fuck her for 15-20 mins also but it happnd very rare. Plzz suggest me how to satisfy my gf. How could I cum late while fucking her...suggest

  • Try thinking of something else while you are fucking her. When I was young and had this problem I would think about baseball. It should also get better with age, though I know that doesn't help you now.

  • She sounds really insecure and dumb.

  • Plus, boobs Are boobs, so they're always good

  • Next time this 'test' happens, put ur hand on her tit and gently squeeze. then ask er if she likes ieet. if yes, start sucking and fuking boi!!! if no, retract ur hand immediately. at least u can get sex outta it dis way

  • Women worry about the size of their tits and guys worry about the size of their dicks. I worry about neither. My dick is small, just under 6". I have also most enjoyably fucked several women with A cup tits. A pussy is a pussy and they all feel good no matter how big the tits above are. My smaller dick has made most of them cum and it must have been ok since I had multiple repeats with some women. Actually I have a fetish for big, husky, blonde women (not fat) with small tits. Every one of those I have ever been with fucked like animals. My present wife's first hubby had 9". I have under 6". She says sex with me is great in spite of my smaller member. We have been married 30 years and she still eagerly fucks me about 2 - 3 times a week. So, my smaller dick must be pleasing her. I have a married friend who has a huge one. I have seen it in the gym showers. He complains he is lucky if his wife gives it to him once a month. Go figure.

  • I wish my girlfriend had huge titties! She's barely an A-cup and has inverted nips...

  • Damn, them tits sound big and nasty! who the hell would want to look at or even touch or suck on big nasty globs of fat hanging there with large aereolas? small firm breats that don't hang with cute little aereolas are the best dude! huge breast totaly unattractive bro....

  • Woooooow. Way to be a douche.

  • Whats a matter? the truth hurts! eeeww the thought of sucking on nasty globs of fat... but whatever turns you dude on!!!

  • Idiot

  • Is that all you got?? come on I thought you were more intelligent then just name calling.....

  • Just have her ask one of the black men she is cheating on you with to measure them.

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