Anal Sex

I am a black guy in my mid forties.I have been fucking a white woman in her mid 50s lately.She is sweet to me.She has a tight pussy.I fucked her in the ass last nite and it was so tight too.I unloaded in her.This morning,I fucked her pussy and left.It was the first time in my life that I had fucked a woman in the ass.

7.7 years ago

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    • I was first introduced to the wonderful world of ANAL sex by my ex girlfriend who was 13 years old at the time & I was 16. Believe it or not her mother was the one who had suggested that my girlfriend should have ANAL SEX with me. I vividly recall how she walked into my room with so much determination & ordered me to get naked. She laid on her left side & lubed her BOOTY HOLE with a very generous amount of ANAL lube that her mother had bought her. She applied a large amount of lube on my hard dick & grabbed it gently guided me to her BACKDOOR ENTRANCE. That's when she shoved my dick in her BOOTY HOLE 🕳 & I heard & felt a pop when I passed the outer sphincter as I took her ANAL virginity. I immediately fell in love with ANAL SEX & the warmth & tightness of her ASS. She too fell in love with it & we included ANAL in our everyday sex routine. 20 years later we still hook up from time to time. I made her turn ANAL ONLY & completely left out fucking her pussy. I love the fact that her BOOTY HOLE is still as tight as the first time we had ANAL. I have had the pleasure of having ANAL sex with over 30 girls for now. I've enjoyed fucking young teens & older women & every age group in between. The majority of them were first timers that actually enjoyed ANAL very much. You really can't believe how many girls who are willing to try it or have done it that exists. All you have to do is literally ask them it's that simple. I truly love the fact that ANAL SEX is widely accepted nowadays & is no longer considered taboo. I love knowing that younger & younger girls are having ANAL SEX regularly than girls in my generation did. I'm in my 40's & look young for my age. I still surprise myself at how often college aged girls flirt & hit on me every time I visit a popular bar/nightclub here in my hometown. I've been told by plenty of women that they are attracted to the white hair in my beard haha. I've even been called a SilverFox.

    • Did she give you some fried chicken and watermelons as awards?

    • A lot of black men have fucked my wife in the ass.

    • Ok i am a man and when i first hooked up with my second wife i was into some kinky sexual stuff, and so was she.. now woman ask me to put on a pair of panties for them all the i have worn panties with women before. so when she asked me if i would wear panties for her it did not surprise me so i did... i told her that i love wearing panties, she said good then you will love what cums with it she threw me a pair of pink panties and she left the room she came back told me to suck her cock, she had a 9" dildo. i sucked it and then she fucked my ass hole with all of
      her rubber duck.. the best orgasm i ever had was from her fucking me in the ass. I love for a woman to fuck me. I want to get fucked by a guy

    • I am a girl 17 and I have had it many times anally and I love it. I have much higher orgasms for there is more feeling there to stimulate and yes I have had a Black man before like 11 times before he moved away

    • I almost forgot to mention I've recently convinced my 18 year old stepdaughter to get into the ANAL sex lifestyle. She called me last week and thanked me for making her feel comfortable with considering trying ANAL because now her boyfriend can't get enough ASS from her and they are having ANAL sex regularly even multiple times a day and actually has improved their relationship.

    • Yes ma'am that's awesome that you truly enjoy ANAL SEX. I was your age when my ex girlfriend had wanted me to put it in her ASS. I was instantly hooked. You should share your ANAL SEX experiences with your girlfriends and get them to try it. I highly recommend having as much ANAL as possible with as many partners as you can take in order for your BOOTY HOLE to get used to the feeling of being penetrated by different sizes of dicks. Not to mention by having ANAL on a regular basis allows for your ANAL sphincter to always be ready for it.

    • You can do the same thing with a man so just do it.
      I think you are gay if you like the old rear door.

    • Are u okay?

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    • Really? Lol!

    • Thank you. We will take your comments into careful consideration and get back to you with a response.


      Raw Confessions

    • I have done it twice,and did not care for it much.

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