Little cuz

I no this is really wrong but i cant help it..

It started last year on vaction in florida i live up north and i have cousins down in florida and my grandma winters down there but one day me my sister and my two little cousins (im not going to say names) A (3) and C (6) and we played marco polo and my sister and A got out but me and C stayed in i just swam laps but he tried to ride on my back and then he tried pullimg my pants down

P.s. i' m gay and i never had intrest in cousins

Then after a while he would try to hold me under and one time he wraped his legs aeound my head and held me under i can hold my breath for three minentus so i wanst worried but i couldnt help it his junk was right in front of my face so i just kinda sucked his dick through his swim trunks (he didnt have the talk yet) then he let me up and said that tickles then we had to go up to the room and take showers A had to take one with my sister because she is little and C asked if he could take a shower with me i said yes and in the shower when i was scrubing my hair he asked if i could do the thing i did in the pool that tickled him i said ok and got down on my knees and sucked his dick i coild fit it in my mouth it was small

I suxked him for about 4 min. Then he got hard and said it feltreally good then we finnished the shower the next day C was sick with the flu so i volinterred to stay and watch him while the other go to the beach i was watching shark week when the bed room door opened he came out and i asked him how he was feeling and he said i would feel better if youcould suck my peepee so i did then i said hey want to know how to something else then i took him to the bed room and fucked his brains out it felt soooo good and was when i lost my virginity he really liked my dixk up his ass and kept saying farther and in the beinging he cried but i told him he would feel better and kept fucking his tight ass

They were gone till around 5 and i fucked him exalty 17 (i cumed inside him/on him 17 times) i cumed i his face 6 times cause he liked the tasteof cum and in him bout 8 and the other rhree on his back or his stomich now he is nine and its christmas and we fucked upstaris while every one was opining presents

I am 17and have a 5 and a quater inch dick and he can take it up the ass andin his mouth so now he is pretty much my personal sex slave and does what ever i tell him to doHe loves to fuck and loves the taste of cum and my thick cock

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  • What the fuck..this story is 4.9 years old and trending ? The subject matter is bad enough , much less the spelling and grammatical errors . Whoever edits these boards should realize this type of shit only encourages pedophiles. Its not a public service to allow this type of story to post.

  • What you did was insanely wrong on many different levels.. you raped a young boy.
    I however disagree with the comment two below mine.
    just because you raped him in his ass does not mean that he is going to turn gay.
    gay isn't something you 'turn' necessarily. It's something you ARE.
    so he might have already been gay and he may end up becoming straight.

  • Ok lets do the truly heroic thing! :) Someone call 911 on this guy!

  • No u can't do that to a 6 year old! U can't cram ur dick up a crying six year olds ass! That is wrong he is ur cousin! I have nothing against gays but u just turned his possibly perfectly straight future into him totally being gay now that that's wat he thinks sex is and now that he enjoys having a dick crammed up his ass. You are a sick person, a very sick person.

  • True or not, this is my favorite sort of stuff to see on confession post.

  • Disgusting

  • Magnificent spelling.

  • What do you expect from a mutant who fucks his underage cousin ?

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