Sex with Mother in Law

My mother in law moved in with my wife and I a couple years ago when her house was foreclosed on. We had married under a year, and 24 years old, while MIL was 43. I always thought she was attractive, and have fantasizes about her. My wife was out of town last week, first time I had been at home with MIL only. It was instantaneous, we were kissing and clawing each others' clothes off. It took almost two years, but now we know we want each other. And it is so sensual to think that I am penetrating the womb that my wife came from!

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  • My son in law, who is in his 30s, decided to separate from his wife (my daughter) a while back. They were living apart for 6 months before I called him and said I needed to know what was going on and that we needed to have a talk. I wanted his perspective on the breakup and figure out what I could do to get them back together.

    My son in law said that he loved his wife/my daughter, but she wasn't responsive to his needs, etc. Some of that, he disclosed, was sex. I live alone these days as a widow, and I flat out told him that he could have sex with me, if it meant returning to his wife and kids and not having affairs. We worked out an arrangement that we keep until today. If he needs sex, or extra sex, he comes over. Other than that, he's back with his wife and kids and everything seems to be going well.

  • My wife and I have been married for a few years now, and my mother in law is a gorgeous divorced mid 50's woman. I never thought of cheating until one day I was putting in a ceiling fan in her bedroom. My MIL came in while I was on a ladder and her eyes were staring at my crotch. I was wearing shorts without any underwear and she must have seen my cock. The next thing I feel is her hand up my pants. I was shocked, but she said "relax...she's my daughter too". While I was still on the ladder, she unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled out my cock. I looked down and she was giving me the best blowjob of my life. It wasn't two minutes later I came in her mouth with a couple of hugh spurts which she gagged on a bit, but felt so amazing!

  • This is awesome, glad I found this site. Family vacation on a cruise, my husband & daughter were late coming back to the ship, we couldn't afford for them to meet us at the next port, I spent the rest of the cruise with my son in-law. We made plans everyday, people thought we were a couple, and after the first 2 nights alone, that's when I gave in, we had sex the whole time and pretended we were a couple in vacation. Took secret pics, then some other pics for the family and friends to see. And only for Mother's Day & Father's Day do we still have sex.

  • Tell us more about the first old are you and her? Did you kiss? In public? Tell us how you made love to her.

  • My MIL is a really nice woman, never heard her say a bad thing about anybody. I would have never thought she was a nympho if she had not come onto me. I went over to do some house maintenance for her and after I was finished up she had walked up behind me, I heard her but had not turned around. She had no clothes on at all, told me she was mine to whatever I wanted with, anything. I was a little scared thinking she was off her rocker but over the years I have had some really hot times with her.

  • I had a one-time thing with mine. She had overheard my wife giving me a handjob the night before, and seduced me with personal questions about it and shockingly dirty talk. She gave me a h/j while I played with her tits, pussy, and ass. It was great, but, we never went there again, except for occasional dirty talk.

  • I knocked my my MIL. It caused quite a mess in the family. I’m working on doing the same to my SIL. Maybe the step daughter too. I want to spread my seed in the whole family.

  • Of course you do. That is a healthy attitude reserved for us healthy men. It is quite natural for ANY man to feel such a lure to. I at least preyed on my older sister for a couple o' years. I truly felt it was simply my duty to. TESTOSTERONE RULES.

  • I knew harry would do that. and meghan is a dog too probably going sideways for the father in law. its all the range for these people.

  • I want sex my mother in low how it posibul

  • Confusion??? you say you want each other. didn't you already have sex? You plan on doing granny when you visit her in the old folks home?

  • No sex with my mother in law. i want sex my mother in low how it posibul

  • You cant penetrate the womb your wife came from, the cervix is in the way, unless you have a penis like a knitting needle.

  • Hot story...straight sex or is she into experimenting?

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