I am a 21 year old wife. I feel really bad and embarrassed saying this but I need to let it out. I am constantly horny, doesn't matter if I just had sex or used a vibrator, I want more. My husband seems to have a low sex drive which drives me crazy. I have become so sexually frustrated I am contemplating divorce but what woman gets divorced from not being sexually satisfied or not having enough sex. I'm not sure what else I could do to make him have more sex, I tried dressing up, seducing, talking to him but nothing changes! I'm very confused, I'm not sure If I should be putting such importance on sex because other than that he is a great husband. He was my first, we re going to be married 2 years next month....I'm sure if we do split we'll find someone else, we are both very attractive

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  • Do you want my number, I'm dying for sez

  • Could be he has low testosterone or some other medical problem that could be corrected by medication. Or it could be that you just have a high sex drive. And you could discuss that with your doctor. If you're still horny after sex or using a vibrator if you got a divorce you'd just be changing the geography of your problem because you'd be taking the problem with you and leaving a loving husband behind. And probably be going from guy to guy hoping one of them could please you. So unless your husband would be interested in getting into swinging and you trying to be satisfied there with your husband's participation. You need to decide if sex is the most important thing in your life? If you really love your husband and if you are truly ready for marriage? But you need to talk to your husband and to your doctor about this. And I'd suggest both at the same time. And be sure to let your husband know you aren't getting satisfied by a machine so it isn't you saying he's a bad lover or you may crush his ego and your marriage. I do hope things work out for you.

  • Geezus, 6 yrs ago. Well, if she were reading this, I’d say that I have a high sex drive, but if that still wasn’t enough, I’d be ok with her getting more from others as long as we’re still together and in love or whatever.

  • What is going on? Is this really from 6 years ago?!

  • Sometimes when this site is being updated an old post will resurface. its annoying but at least when you see it, you'll know new posts are being published. Just refresh browser and more will start populating.

  • Before you got married did he satisfy all your needs sexually physically and in two years how does everything change so quickly what are you into does he do the things that turn you on did you tell him the things that turn you on can you tell us more about yourself or more about him
    From Gary

  • Wow today is February 8 and I’m just reading your story and I have 1 million things I’d like to say I’ve never written in before but this one finally got me I think if this is the first man you’ve ever been with you don’t know what else is out there and what else could be better or worse so maybe you just need to experience another But if you both have a lot of other things in common except for sex I don’t think you should get divorced find a way to work it out tell him you want to have an open relationship or go to a marriage counselor or if you live in Florida let me know and I can help you out I wish you the best from Gary

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  • This post is over 6 yrs old. I's bet the bank those kids didn't make it another 2 years after she posted.

  • Agreed. she's probably got 4 kids with 3 dads and in a double wide somewhere!

  • 21 is way too young to be Married anyway. My wife had friends that married at 19, 5 years later: divorced. Give it time tho and give him testosterone but don't go fuck other people.

  • You just need to find someone you can see on the side. It happens every day, and it works every day, and it's wonderful every time it happens every day. Get over the "oh, it's not right" idea and go out and get your needs met. You know you can do it (you probably know ten guys you could call and have them inside you within the hour), and you know you should. Don't let society tell you different. Go get laid. Often. If your husband isn't satisfying you, he's breaking HIS vows, and you're off the hook. Enjoy yourself!

  • My first instinct is to come pick you up and take you to my house! But I know that isn't right, so I'll have to settle for less. But I do know my cousin divorced his wife, because she wasn't having sex with him (it stemmed from being abused as a young woman). I do know this. I'll say lots of prayers for you and hope for the best. I know this isn't much help. Maybe there is some way. Maybe if he took Viagra or testosterone (I take both, because I have oxycodone for back problems, which kills sex drive) it would help. I know Viagra is expensive (for me $20 a pill AFTER insurance). Maybe just talk with him straight about it and even say that you have these needs and having been considering leaving if things don't improve. Maybe he can be part of the solution, and not just the problem. Best of luck <3 and wish you the best, sweet lady. :) I do know it's best and least problematic if you can stay together, if possible. I almost split with my wife once, and believe me, it's a nightmare. I got a bit too interested in another woman and we were a bit too intimate once. It can really ruin families. Well, take care and write back if you need any help. <3, :).

  • Lack of sexual satisfaction is a perfectly legitimate excuse for divorce, plus you're so young still. Why did you marry so early? ps i'm not some gross horny old man looking to fuck you. i'm a woman like you. and my sex drive is also through the roof. Thankfully my boyfriend has a pretty decent one himself.

  • "we were in love" we were both virgins before getting married, everything else clicks but when it comes to sex I feel like we re failing

  • Oh darling I wish my wife was a sex machine like you, just divorce him if you ever need a partner you know who to call..

  • Have him take testosterone supplements. If he won't take them, slip them into his food. It's for his own good.

  • Haha I was thinking of doing that

  • Babe my boyfriend is the same he has a low sex drive too and it is frustrating but he's always had it. I don't kno what to do coz I love him to bits :(

  • If you get divorced, please contact me!

    Yours truly,


  • If you're only 21, just think if you stay married to him, it will be 50 years of very little sex. I would cut your losses now and find someone who is sexually compatible with you. DO NOT settle for this kind of life. It is way too short to "settle". Man, if i were you, i would be gone asap. Even before the holidays. Clean break, and start fresh. TRUST ME, i know what i am talking about. I "settled" 10 years ago, and i am not fully happy.

  • I'm just afraid if I leave him I'll never be satisfied and will always be looking for someone better....

  • He might be gay or not in love with you. No man would give up all that sex with their wife. The other possibility is that he is being sexually satisfied elsewhere.

  • I hope that's not that case, I know he's in love with me and would be devastated if I left, I spoke to him the other day so hopefully things will get better

  • Please. please do not divorce him. there are so many reasons that this could be, and what he needs is your compassion, and your belief in him. divorce will crush so much more than you realize. and don't go looking somewhere else. there is nothing right about that, and it will only leave you more unfulfilled.

    this is something that you two can grow in. its alright for things not to be perfect. there are many things in my relationship that have been solved, simply because we believe in each other. no matter what he does, it's your opportunity to be the best wife anyone could ask for. marriage is not for our happiness, its for making someone else happy, and making you grow as a person. you said your vows, and whether or not your took them lightly or with all available seriousness you had, don't take them lightly now. to death do you part.

    there are many resources for improving every aspect of marriage, on the internet, in counseling, etc. there are sex therapists too. but most of this will be solved by you showing him love that has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with what he needs.

    if you start that, he will eventually get so overwhelmed by how amazing you are, that he will start looking for ways to make you happy. hopefully that will be better and more frequent sex.

    im not some dumbass misogynist pig who thinks women should be second class citizens. i treat my woman like gold. i am fascinated by her thoughts, ideas, and opinions. but if marriage has taught me anything, its that i cannot expect her to change to my preconceived notions of what a perfect marriage is. I try to be the change i want to see in my marriage. and the same goes for her.

  • That's possible. I am in a reverse situation. My wife is the one that has a low sex drive. Over the last 6 years, she thinks my sex drive has decreased to match hers, but in reality, I have 2 FWB on the side to get my needs on the same level as her needs.

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