Confused Husband and father

So I have a 20 year old daughter who got pregnant at 17 and had a son and the father ran as soon as he found out she was pregnant. anyway she put on some weight while pregnant and ended up with type 2 diabetes becouse of the weight. my wife has type 2 diabetes and keeping the wieght off was hard at first till one docter suggested sex as a form of exersize. so after the last 5 years that we lived with hers she lost the weight and kept it off till she messed up her back about 7 monthes ago and now sex is out of the question as is walking or standing for any length of time.

So here is my delima is what happened yesterday. I have been masterbaiting in my master bathroom for about 3 monthes now and my wife knows and is ok with it and even sits in the shower naked and lets me look at her while I do. so no biggy there right? well this is where I kinda am beside my self and am feeling mixed feelings.

my wife got out of the shower and she knew I was mastermating in there when she left. so I am going at it when my daughter walks in. so I grab a towel off the rack coving up embarassed as she startes taking off her clothes not even caring that I am there. I am in shock as I havn't seen her naked since she was 10 or 12 when she had the flue and me and my wife were bathing her 6 or 7 times a day becouse she couldn't help her diarea. well she stood there for a few minutes naked looking at me smiled at me then got in my shower shuting the glass door. I was harder then ever and ended up masterbating really fast while she was in the shower and leaving.

when I got out of my room my wife was sitting in her chair in the living room with a huge grin on her face and asked me why I was out there and not in the shower with our daughter. me shocked and not knowing what to say I just answered that she didn't ask.

ok what the hell my wife wants me to have sex with her really or is she setting me up. this is to weird where do I go my daughter is not that good looking. and I guess I just don't know

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  • My advice: Don't do ANYTHING with your daughter - it's just plain wrong and you'll regret it forever! But, get your wife to take an extra pain pill or two - give her a strong drink - then fuck the shit out of her! She'll be buzzed and horny (from months of no sex) and you'll probably be able to get her to do any damn thing you can think of - so, fuck the shit out of her every chance you get. Once she gets surgery, she'll still want a good hard fucking - you can't loose

  • Totally disagree. Why shouldn't he have sex with his daughter?? She is 20 and if it's consensual what's the problem??

  • Hello I am back with news and updates and I guess to clerify my question. number one I was not asking about having sex with my daughter as I said maybe under emphisized she is not repeat not that good looking and well no just leave it at no.

    I was asking does anyone have a clue what my wife was thinking ok. after rereading my post I may not have made that clear enough. as for the harder part after this long with only my hand and looking at my wife a bit of flesh from any female is making me hard let alone full nudity.

    as for my wife she is still in Major pain and the docs say that sergury may be instore soon so I'm not going to try to get her to tell me when she isn't drugged up on pain killers and thinking strait. was just hoping for some thing to ease my mind that her mental faculties arn't going to.

    well I will leave it at that for now

  • I think you're thinking with your dick. You need to talk with your wife and daughter and tell them that is just unacceptable. Be a good example for your little girl of what a man is supposed to be and let your wife know that behavior is just immoral and it would destroy your family. If your love your family, you'll hold them together. Sex isn't a game. There's a reason they call it making love and you should teach them both to value it more.

  • Those who call sex "making love" are just confusing 2 things that are completely unrelated. Sex IS recreational and yes it can be a game too. If your daughter is old enough and you are both wanting to do it, who is to say you can't? Who is to tell you what your morals SHOULD be? Anyone who tells you what you are doing is immoral is trying to force their beliefs on you.

  • What the fuck dude

  • This is such fake bullshit. You'd think a man would be able to spell slightly better for a start.

  • Wht the hack is this ! Man! shame on u. Please stop this nonsense..even if it's just a fantasy. It is so wrong.

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