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I love to wear panties and beat off while my wife watches. We have been married for 15 years now and she likes to watch me. sometimes she will pull my panties down and put a dildo in my ass while I stroke my cock. I have to confess, his is so hot.

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    • My wife frequently watches me masturbate while wearing my panties and a bra. I often have my vibrator deep in my ass as I do this. I furiously stroke my cock and enjoy the looks on her face as she enjoys the show. Sometimes she’ll get naked with me and we’ll both beat ourselves off until we cum. I love her so much!

    • Do you chat

    • My wife has me wear panties all the time, says my cock is more like a clit, and she's right

    • This is soo hot

    • I'm not into pain like some commenters, but I masturbate for my wife and some of her women friends. They are dressed, sipping wine usually or a cocktail. Being nude and women watching me as I play with my erect penis is a turn on.
      I lay on the living room floor on a yoga mat, the ladies sitting in chairs. I get some upskirt views at times. Last week my wife gave me her panty to smell while jerking.

    • I wear my wife’s panties sometimes. I love sniffing her dirty panties, she will take them off and hand them to me to sniff and masturbate with. She watches me jackoff sometimes and she’s fucked my ass with strap-ons and dildos. I love that my wife is turned on by it.

    • Who could possibly refuse their wife when she tells you she wants to wear her strap on dildo and fuck you? I can’t say no, nor do I want to! Getting her to fuck me in the ass is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

    • My wife loves to watch me jack off. But she also loves to torture my balls when I do. She will tie up my balls really tight. Then she has me jack off really slow. The whole time she is pulling and twisting my balls. She's been doing this so much that my ball sack is starched out and they hang down low. When she ties them up she gets it so tight that my balls turn bright red. If I start jacking off to fast she will squeeze them really hard and I yell out in pain. But when I am about to cum she will put her mouth on the tip of my cock and let me cum in her mouth. Then she spits the cum into my mouth and has me swallow it. I guess the whole process takes about an hour or so. Then she starts undoing the knots one at a time slowly. Rubbing them and sucking them into her mouth. It does hurt but the pain is the turn on.

    • My wife would do the same thing, sometimes in the presence of others. Her g/f, her b/f ( both tops ) , and other giggling bottoms, mostly girls. She would employ the knotted cbt , but, never touch my throbbing erection. She would make me jerk off to completion, chiding me with insults the whole time, often making me lick it up off the floor. You're right, the pain and humiliation were major turn-ons.

    • Get her a strap-on.

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