I miss blowjobs

I have only had a few good blowjobs in my life.
My ex girlfriend from high school used to give them to me all the time but was usually not very good at them...too affraid of getting anything in her mouth. The night before we left for college she gave me an amazing blowjob and that was it. I had a few lousy ones in college and then I met my wife who was pretty good at giving head but never liked it. I could tell she didn't like it and I was so in love with her and respected her so much I didn't want to make her do anything I knew she was uncomfortable with so eventually she stopped and I never asked for it. We have sex all the time and she is amazingly sexy but it has been about 10 years since I have had a blowjob. Lately I have been having these incredibly vivid dreams where a beautiful woman is sucking my dick and I wake up craving it. I don't want to ask my wife to do it because I know how she feels about it and I still respect her too much but I can't imagine going the rest of my life without experiencing it again. I have even thought about just paying someone for it but the thought of getting caught terrifies me.

1 month ago

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    • I remember doing a bathroom renovation for an older couple. My ex wife use to work with the woman until she retired. We would go over to their house for dinner, and I was always amazed at how good this woman looked for almost 68 year old.
      As I started the project and began talking with the wife, I became aware that husband and wife slept in separate bedrooms, which I though was odd. Both enjoyed an afternoon cocktail around 4:00 as I was just finishing up.
      I had been working there at the house for about a week when the wife came downstairs one afternoon and had a few cocktails to many. She asked if I wanted to stay for a drink. I told her that I had other plans and I had to go.
      She was insisting that I stay and wrapped an arm around me. The wife then took her hand and started to feel for the outline of my cock. She said it had been a while since she sucked a cock as her husband has erection issues. She was wondering if I could show her mine as her husband was upstairs sleeping.
      I have always been gifted with a nice cock so I figured I would let her see it.
      As I unbuttoned my pants, she reached in and started to fondle the head saying that she had to taste it. She put her drink down and started kissing the head before sucking it with a passion. As she sucked my cock, she gripped my balls and played with them.
      When I told her I was about to cum, I pushed her head down as I shot a unmistakably huge warm load into her mouth. She moaned with pleasure as she sucked every drop. As she came up she kissed me and said that I tasted good.
      As I worked on the project, she would suck my cock whenever she had a chance. I even took on a kitchen renovation just to stay there so I could get my cock sucked by her.
      Her and her husband moved shortly after to Florida and I never saw her again.

    • When my best friend was getting divorced, he came to town and stayed the weekend with my wife and I. He told a similar story, no BJ in more than 10 years, and he was anxious to get with a new woman. I made a comment that my wife gives me great BJs to cumpletion, and swallows. He said I was a lucky man, and I said I know, my wife just smiled. After some drinks, I told her to show him how good her mouth is. She went along with it and blew him, she took his jizz on her boobs, she said she would only allow me to cum in her mouth. She did take her finger and take some off her nipple and put it to her tongue, she said she wanted to at least taste his cum. I might offer her ass next time, he mentioned his ex never allowed that either but my wife takes it in the butt like a champ.

    • Life is too short to go on not getting the sex you want. Tell your wife it’s what you need. I tell my wife “if you don’t suck my dick then who will?” “If I can’t put it in your ass whose ass can I put it in?”

    • I'd give you the best head you ever had. Love swallowing and keep sucking after you cum.

    • The best blowjob I ever had was from a really cute trans woman. It was really that much better than anyone else had ever done.

    • Mamasan tinks you tuggy tuggy you little plick too much

    • I was doing an apprenticeship at an engineering firm my senior year in college.
      Now, I have had my share (ok maybe more than my fair share) of women who have sucked my cock, but none stand out more than a woman at this firm.
      I was introduced to her when I first started. She was in her 50's, divorced, and single at the time. She wasn't overly attractive, but seemed pleasant enough and had an average body.
      She invited me to her house one night. She lived by herself and had a great place with a nice house and pond. We had a nice dinner that she made and we really seemed to get along well considering our age differences.
      We were sitting on the couch watching a movie when I felt her put her hand on my pants. I looked at her and she just smiled. She then started to rub my pants as she was feeling for the outline of my cock. Within seconds, she was unbuttoning my pants and asking me pull them down.
      She didn't waste any time. I watched as she licked my head and swirled her tongue all around it telling me how good I tasted. Then she licked my balls
      before she started a nice wrist twisting rhythm. When I was about to cum, I pushed her head down so she had no choice but to swallow all if it, and she did.
      For the next several months, I got the best blowjobs of my life from her. I ended up fucking her all over her house.
      My wife now likes blowjobs, but there was nothing like what I got when I was younger!

    • That's one thing my wife loves to do is suck a cock. She won't fuck other men but she will suck a guy off in a heart beat. And she won't let it out of her mouth until it's soft. I met her walking down the road in a rain storm she was around 17 at the time I gave her a ride home and she sucked my cock right in front of her parents house I couldn't believe how good she was at giving head and swallowing cum. After we got married we would go to clubs and bars she would take guys out in the parking lot and suck cock in cars for the fun of it.

    • The best blowjob that I ever got was from a 62 year old married woman. She absolutely loved sucking cock and was great at it!

    • I mean, honestly, find a guy. Pretty much ALL of the good head I've gotten has been from gay guys; they're better, and they largely enjoy doing it, which makes it better for you. To truly know, understand and appreciate it, you need to have one.

    • I would love to give u the best you ever had. I'll suck your balls play with your nipples and suck and stroke your love stick. I'll swallow every drop after I show you what you filled ne with. Hit me up at johnnyrealle at hotmail.com you will shoot like you never have before. If you would like my wife will be the one doing the sucking and I will lick you clean.

    • I am a married bisexual man who loves sucking cock and swallowing cum. I have sucked off more married men than anyone else. When it comes to a blowjob a mouth is a mouth it doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman

    • Gay guys will service you.

    • I know what you mean. I have had a few "bad" blowjobs were the woman was just not into at all. Then, I met my wife. She loved all aspects of sucking cock and at anytime and anyplace.
      She particularly loved to suck cock outside on our hikes and while I was driving.
      I ended up marrying her.

    • I love making a man feel so great he can't help but explode in my mouth! Yes, I swallow his seed. It is part of what makes it great for him. I get so excited doing this to him my orgasm comes quickly when its "my turn". Stop treating it like a chore and make it a gift!

    • I would suck it for you however you wanted

    • My wife and I will share you but you have to cum in her and get her pregnant for us. As long as you cum in her three times in three days we will figure she will be pregnant. After each sperm session she or I will suck your love stick and swallow your love juice. If you are interested contact us at johnnyrealle@hotmail.com The only thing I ask is that you let me put your love stick in her so I can say I helped get her pregnant

    • I would love that, i would even pay you for it!

    • I would give up bjs for the rest of my life for pregnant sex

    • Thats perfect. I want my wife to take a guys seed and impregnate her. I can't and I would love to see her walking around knowing she took another guys cock. The only thing I ask is you have to let me start to slid it into her so I can say I helped get her pregnant. You would have to fuck her for about three days to make sure the time was right. When you are finished with her legs up in the air I will lick her clean off any extra sperm. If you are interested please contact us at johnnyrealle@hotmail.com thanks so much

    • Wife asked me to shave chest and pubes. Now I get oral from her.

    • I don't recommend cheating on anyone ever but if you are at least wear a condom so you don't give your wife AIDS. You might still get herpes though.

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