Am I still a whore, or am I just horny?

I am 24, my boyfriend is 53. Before I meet him, I was a wild, wild women. I love sex, I love sucking cock, eating pussy, walking around nude, playing with my self, very simple I love sex. Maybe because I waited until I was 18 to loose it, or because its my nature I can never seem to get enough. In fact I love it so much that before I meet my boyfriend of 4 years, I was seriously a paid whore. I know what most people think of that. But I have had at least 20 std checks, because I am all ways paranoid of any thing going wrong with my my pretty pussy cat. Each time I am std free, clean as can be. But the point is I have been with a man for 4 very hard trying years. I have never cheated on him, never. Even if that means I spend the rest of my life feeling empty. He has tried Viagra, Cialis, and tons of other pills. But they don't work, so there for it wont work. Witch is the most tear jerking, heart wrenching, feeling I have ever had. He don't know this, but it leads me to cry a lot. I love him more than anything even sex, and its tearing a whole in my heart. I need fucked, I am only 24. I wont get too many more chances than when I am young. What do I do? HELP ME? PLEASE?

2 months ago

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    • Long story but I'm f/22 and work for a catering company. I get hit on buy 'out of town' business men all the time. During a recent event I was offered $ to hook up with an older Chinese man. I was hesitant at first but business assistants kept insisting and offering more $.
      I met him at his hotel after work. He agreed to wear a condom at first but during he told me he'd pay double if he could take it off and leave finish inside. I'm on bc so I agreed. It was the fist time I'd hooked up for serious $.

    • I got pregnant at 16. Our parents were strict and insisted we get married. married. btw; it's 22 years and we're still together.
      Both parents helped us with bills and rent so we'd have our own place.
      After high school he got on with a HVAC company and his OT helped out a lot. I started cleaning houses while mom or my mother in law watched our daughter.
      I cleaned for an older guy that was a lonely widower, retired and 65 years old. He was tall and fit and loved to golf. He also liked to flirt and I enjoyed the attention.
      Our car broke down and I had to borrow my moms. It was going to cost $200 for the part and my husband and father in law could install it. We'd leaned on them too much already so I was asking my clients if there was any extra work I could do for them. Well, that started a 3 year agreement. Anytime I needed extra cash, I'd have s** with him.
      This may sound bad but he was bigger and much better in bed than my husband.
      The guy could last so long and gave me my first climax. LOL

    • Lol…first time for serious money? So you were a cheap slutty whore before you were an expensive slutty whore?

    • My husband lets me do the same thing I own a catering company but I make more money after the the party is over and guys from overseas pay the most money for sure

    • You are correct! I worked as a bartender at a hotel restaurant. I'd hook up with random guys after my shift all the time. Mostly attractive & arrogant airline pilots.
      I hooked up with an asian guy and when we finished he insisted I take money. I remember being in the elevator and thinking, I just got paid to have sex. After that night, I started making more cash doing that than serving alcohol. lol

    • I bartend also for mostly private corporate events, conventions. Always dress in a short black dress, black hose, heels. Pour the alcohol heavy and get the "randumb" guys loaded. And I'll go to their room where they can barely function and can't get it up. Lol. They pass out, I take everything of value.

    • How much cash?

    • $100 to $500, laptops, cameras, phone, one Glock.

    • Enough to pay the rent and phone bill for a month.

    • I want to breed women of different cultures, ethnicities and race.

    • My wife is Indian would like to see her bred by another guy

    • Don't they teach kids how to spell anymore? Jesus.

    • It might be that because your younger than he is and you have a lot more sexual experiences he might feel that he can't compete with your past and that you wont be satisfied with his performance, causing him to be anxious and not able to perform: so just speak to him and reassure him that he's not going to be compared to,or have to complete, with your previous sexual experiences

    • Ah…yeah Baby, you’re a whore. What was your first clue?

    • Would the both of you be willing to try a cuckold relationship? He could still be the man of the house and you could bring him a present to clean up! I'm 66 y.o. Male and would love that, just to be close to the action!

    • We willing where you located?

    • Dallas

    • Nothing better than a mouthful of cum

    • Get him a cock ring or a cock pump, it will keep him hard and you can have a fulfilling sex life again.

    • Hello im sue

    • Helli

    • Don't cheat on him. Just let him go. He will be sad, but he will understand. With your age difference I'm sure he never believed your relationship would be long lived.

    • Damn baby girl! I'm 51 and would love to help you out with your situation

    • Since some of these responses are over 10 years ago, I would think "baby girl" is no longer really accurate.

    • Have an honest talk with him about how he'd feel about you getting your sexual needs met elsewhere but you & him still being a couple.

    • Sweetie whether he can get it up or not. Once a whore always a whore. And I’m not saying it to be mean or disrespectful. It sounds like you enjoyed being a whore and a lot of men enjoy whores.
      Just be happy for yourself.

    • Have him see a doctor, he may have a condition totally reversible!

    • More bullshit.

    • Lose not loose.

    • If it don't work, nothing either of you can do. You don't have any choice but to leave him so you can get the hard cock you need.

    • Let him know exactly how you feel. In the mean time, masterbate. Find out exactly what turns him on, so you can get laid. That, or cut your losses. You're a young lady that could be dating a 21 year old guy with an even stronger sex drive than you...think about it.

    • Go for a 3some. He'll get it up for someone new

    • So it is my fault, that is what I had figured.

    • No... He;s old.. Thats all

    • Well the fact is, you will have many, many years of sexual excitement and adventure unless you allow your boyfriend to continue setting the agenda.

      His unwillingness/inability to perform eventually will lead you to a place where your desires will wane and you will settle into an uneasy acceptance and that will become the norm.

      That would be sad, indeed. You would be much better off deciding now that is not what you want for your future. It isn't about your past it's about your now and your future. The decision is tough but you deserve to have that pussy worked over with cock and tongue on a regular basis.

      Good luck.

    • I will fuck you where you at

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