It's your sex I can smell

I want to be savagely beaten. I want him to hit me, I want him to slap me so hard he splits my lip and then while my mouth is filling with blood and my cheek/lip swells I want him to force me to take it in the mouth. I want him to make me do things I don't want to do. I want him to hurt me. Pull my hair, push me down, throw me around. Treat me like worthless garbage.

I want to watch him fuck someone else. I want him to go out and have sex with someone else, come home and let me taste her on him.

I want him to match my outsides with my insides. I want him to bruise me outside as well as inside. I can't take one more second of the lies, of the emotional abuse. Of the passive agressiveness

I get so turned on by the idea of him doing these things and masturbate, cum really hard, and then cry for about 20 minutes because I don't understand how i ended up this way. The reality of this fantasy would destroy me, even if only after the fact. I can't help how badly I want it though and, I want it badly.

2 months ago


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    • I’ll do it.

    • Stretch out that little asshole in Walmart parking lot and send you in for panties your ass ripped a little all slapped up and dripping my cum allnover the isles. Oh yeah

    • I'll choke you out. And hit you. Cry slut you deserve this. Now put these clamps on you puffy nipples for Daddy. I'm down babe

    • Obviously written by a demented person probably a man.

    • Honey you need to see a counsler.....AND FAST what yur talking about is rape rape is VERY diffrent then sex some people have been raped and have to recover for years and years be careful what you wish for it might not turn out the way you pictured it :/

    • Most girl have rape dreams... Very common to see.

    • Sounds like you've experienced the Canadian version of Customer Service (i.e. - there isn't any).

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