Crying during anal

It happened again. I went to see an escort. I offer $200 for anal and she reluctantly agrees. There are two types kinds of anal sex. One is where she's uncomfortable with it but lets you have your fun because she's your girlfriend or you paid her. The other is when she stuffing her face in a pillow hoping you don't notice she's falling apart and in tears. Well this girl was tearing up on me. I try to sound apologetic and comfort her while secretly I just love watching her face contort as I inch in and out of her anus. I apologise and ask her if she's ok, she says she's fine or she'll be ok and not to worry. Poor thing. After getting sweet on her I offer her another $200 she lights up and accepts. Then I make her cry some more for a while longer. After that she can't look at me in the eyes any more. She has a look of shame almost to the effect of "Wow so my lifes come to this?". She hasn't eaten all day I take her out to go eat. Like a lot of girls I've been with she is left dazed and confused, as to whether or not the events that took place were horrific or just apart of the job.

Thats the thing about finding women in low spirits. When you break them down and build them back up again they will hold back their tears and let you do what ever you want to them.

1 month ago

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    • There are times when I am fucking my fat wife doggy that I'll slide out and intentionally ram it in her ass. She knows not to resist or I will go to someone else.

    • Lot of jerks took advantage of my wife before we met. She was raped by a co-worker. Pregnant in a very conservative family, job and small city. Baby died at birth with defects. But the humiliation was complete.
      Afterwards, she felt like the tramp everyone thought she was.....she was very down, drank too much.....and was an easy fuck for any guy who came along.
      BIL, sister's boy friend, bosses, friends of her fathers who'd lusted for her since she was a teen....the list was long.
      At that point she was not at all sure she could keep her legs together if we married.
      After 32 yrs she passed. But, She learned that making love is very different than being fucked.

    • I watched my friend with a huge dick pound my wife in her ass till she cried out and then I told him to fuck her harder

    • Hell ya that’s what I’m talking about make that bitch slut scream out in pain as her asshole gets destroyed I love to hear my wife in sexual pain

    • I was in Myanmar banging an escort.
      We started doing doggy when I pressed my cock against her tiny asshole. It went in with ease. I
      Had a good rhythm going when she sneezed. Bright yellow shit went everywhere!

    • I started getting butt fucked at 9; & hot paid very well for that. I took xsnax & percocets until i got used to it.
      OP is not a rapist, just fucked up. If the woman allows it, you can't blame him.

    • Lol good man!! I do this to my gf but I like to tell her hoe worthless she is and that she deserves it

    • Wow you sound like a serious jerk with a serious problem. why don't you consider how you'd feel if someone butt raped you, hmm? does it sound like so much fun anymore? You should feel bad >:(

    • I bet one day if she shit all over your dick by accident cause you forced it too hard, you'd learn your fucking lesson.

    • Read the novel "American Psycho", by Brett Easton Ellis, or rent the movie of the same name, starring Christian Bale. You're Patrick Bateman. That's not a compliment, and it's nothing to be proud of. You're a very, very, VERY sick fuck.

    • Umm can law enforcement please track down the bragging pedophile and lock him up please? We have the technology... Use it.

      As for the OP... Dude, I don't want to judge you but you seem to be on a slippery slope. Pull back a bit, meet a woman and have a real relationship, and you could be in a functioning dare I say healthy relationship that involves some kink & BDSM with safe words and all that. Go too far and you could stumble down the path of being a rapist and fiend who gets off on hurting women.

      You felt worried enough to post here so you acknowledge that second possibility is a real risk. If so, get real help man--and get it fast.

    • I fuck young boys and its the same feeling. My latest conquest is a 10 year old who is willing to take that pain for me. I love fucking him face up so I can see how his face contorts and the tears flow.

    • Pig.......

    • Ihate what you stand are a sick monster who needs to be locked up with no chance of ever getting out to hurt another child ever again!maybe once you are locked up,your fellow inmates will find out what you are in there for and make you take it up the ass until you bleed to death ,you sick asshole!

    • Um excuse me but at what point was a child ever mentioned in this post?

    • You should be more sensitive and bag it! Find a real woman, marry her, and then have all the fun you want.

    • The author of this post along with this post below are simply little fags with no game who have to pay for sex. Real men not only can pull a female with conversation and charm, but get them so hot they actually want anal. So, congrats on being pathetic bitches who have no idea how to even make a female cum. Fuckin Losers..

    • You missed the point completly. If they want anal its no fun. That's why you get them to need it but hate it.

    • You pay for anal, I usually get it for free, women are whores.


    • Sounds like rape.

    • Yea looks like rape, sounds like rape, and it feels like rape too. But if she isn't saying no then it isn't rape.

    • Sounds like rape? she got paid, she agreed, she said she's fine and u call rape? u fucking idiots, women need to stand up 4 themselves. trust me some are worst off than her but they dont sell their cunts. She was used, just like u get used when ur boss make u do the job 3 ppl used to do because he knows u have no choice, u have bills to pay.
      Trust me, u can offer her a housekeeping job, she'll find it too low. This guy I would never trust. How can u have fun using someone else

    • The whore wants cash the whore will have to suck and fuck for it. Its that simple its stupid dump sluts like yourself that ruin it for men.

    • Here's a confession... You sound like you could be my bf, and that sickens me.

    • Yea i know your story. Your boyfriend demands anal and you give in other wise he leaves. Its your choice.

    • You are a fucking Dick, but you already no that :) you will live an empty shallow life

    • Honestly what is the big deal? Its only anal. I had my ass opened up when I was 10 yo by my own brother no less. If a boy can take it then a woman shouldn't have any problems sheesh

    • I read an article that claimed males have larger ass holes and can take it more. Women on the other hand are in more agony. Not sure if its true.

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