I like to flash my panties

I am a 20 year old girl and I love to 'accidentally' flash my panties to men.

Especially handsome older men. I hope they go home and jerk off thinking about my cute face and supple young body and my pretty panties.

Feb 27
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    • I would like to buy a pair of those panties. Seriously, let me know.

    • Written by a man but that’s ok

    • I’d love o see. Varsityconsulting@gmail.com

    • While we were sunning at the crowded beach of our state park reservoir a very fit guy, maybe 40, wearing a cup-busting thong tossed his towel down 6 feet from my 26 yr old, 5'7", 132lbs sexy blonde wife!
      Even I found myself staring at his large "pouch"~! and his really tight supper tanned ass cheeks, hard as rocks....and my wife was getting very horny - watching him from behind her sunglasses.
      She whispered to me that she really wanted put his sun lotion on!
      She thought about this for days - getting moist each time!
      I said, "bet you'd never dare to wear a thong to that beach?"
      She pointed out she doesn't own anything but thong panties.
      I said, "honey - no one could tell the difference if you were to wear one of your black thong panties!"
      She called the ranger station to ask if she'd get in trouble. Lady there laughed and said, "honey, the only trouble you're going to have is with all the horny men around you - Go for it!"
      A month later I was spreading out our big blanket along the shore.....when my wife removed her top. Nice push-up bikini cup top in white! Then she stood up and began tugging at her short-shorts.
      Down they slowly came - to reveal that she was wearing white cotton thong panties!
      She stood bent over at the waist and gave the beach a lovely long look at her creamy pale ass! So tight, high and pale, as she flexed her cheeks for my enjoyment! I had no idea she killed 3 wine coolers at home!
      Wish I'd taken photos - especially of where that thong disappeared into her cunt lips way down in her pussy-to-butt-hole area!!!
      I had great fun applying the sun lotion....as smiling men and frowning women walked by! Fucked her silly at home!

    • The above is a true story folks - it is great being married to a girl with a sexy mind!

    • I would love to see so I could jack off to it pussyguy02@yahoo.com

    • I lived in Italy in the 80's. It so so erotic to see young girls sitting around in the afternoon with no panties on. It was because they seemed so innocent about it as if they didn't realize that their pussy was on display to the world. I'm sure some did it on purpose but still they all looked innocent.

    • When I lived in Germany early 2000s, there was this trend, dark thongs with white spandex type pants they also wore white jeans or shorts. The thongs were always visible through the material. German girls celebrate adulthood at 16. These Lil thots damn near killed me!

    • That's are weeknes like kryptonite to superman

    • Agreed I almost break my neck at time when I think I can peek up a skirt.

    • As an "older" man I enjoy getting a glimpse of panties, especially ones that are tight and show a cameltoe. I also like it when there are no panties and a shaved pussy. As much as I would love to bury my face and stick my tongue in, I head to the nearest bathroom and masturbate. I feel that's better than getting arrested....!

    • Amen!

    • Have fun and enjoy! I wish that style would come back.
      During my college years in the mid 1990s, it was stylish to wear low rise jeans with thongs showing. Victoria's Secret made a lot of $ selling cute thongs with bows or flowers on the back. "Whale Tailing" was a thing.
      Used to wear mini skirts with cute thongs with heels. My friends and I enjoyed flashing hot guys especially hot dads.
      Skater skirts or fit & flare mini dresses with thongs to parties or socials. It was fun dancing with guys and they'd slid their hand up your dress and feel your bare a$$. Fun college days!

    • Nothing like thongs sticking out. So sexy. Do you have pictures?

    • Tons, lol somewhere on an old CD Rom.

    • Mind sharing? Anthonytaormina1959 gmail

    • They do. I would.

    • You would what? Lol

    • Do you have pictures?

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