How I became a fag

I was staying over at a friends house. his parents went out for a few hours. We started watching some porn and we both got hard ons. We eventually were jerking each other off. And he said why don't we try blowing each other. So I went first. I sucked him really long and hard. He came in my mouth and said swallow it. I did. I then asked him to suck me. he said no that he wasn't a fag. And that I was. he then said if I didin't do what he wanted he would tell all the kids in the neighbor hood that I sucked him off. I felt trapped so I agreed to what he wanted. He had me take all of my clothes off and suck his cock. After he was good and hard I had to lay down on my stomach and he fucked me.
It was summer time and he made me suck his cock almost every day. And when ever he had a good place for it he fucked me. One day he called me over to his house for another blow job. I went in and no one else was home. Or so I though. He had me strip and I was blowing him on his bed when the door open and there was four of the other guys from the neighbor hood. fortunately for me by this time I was begining to like sucking cock and getting fucked. I on a few occassions even called him up and asked if I could give him head. My friend then said that all of them were going to get blow jobs and they were all going to fuck me. well every one of them got blow jobs and all of them fucked me. Most of them more than once. Soon it was all over the neighbor hood that I was a fag. But it turned out pretty well because after a while some of these same

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    • Thats a good story I wish it would of happened to me when I was younger myself

    • Pussy cock and sex come you help me and I you I'm perverted sexually

    • I've never had any desire to fuck a guy in the ass and sure as hell wouldn't let a guy fuck me. But I have no problem with a guy sucking my cock. In fact it kind of turns me on. I think it's because I know I shouldn't be letting a guy do that so it's kind of taboo. My 1st time was in my early teens when a guy made a bet and said if he lost he'd suck my cock. I had no doubt he'd lose but had taken it as a figure of speech until later that night when he sucked my dick until I shot a huge load of cum in his mouth. After that he started sucking me off every time he got a chance. He kept trying to get me to fuck him but I wouldn't

      But it was funny because after that I had several other guys wanting to suck my cock. I'm not sure if they were confiding in each other that I had a nice thick 9" cock or what. But every time I turned around another guy would be wanting to go down on me. And several wanted me to fuck them but I said no. When my wife and I got married at 18yo we started swinging, having threesomes & wife swapping, gangbangs, sex in theaters etc. And several times I had guys wanting to suck my cock but I said no, until my wife said she'd like to see me getting sucked by a guy and was ok that I didn't suck them. So it got to where if we were in an adult theater she'd be sucking & fucking several guys at once. And I'd be getting my cock sucked while I watched. And though the guys I knew were good cocksuckers it seemed just that much hotter having some stranger sucking my dick & licking & sucking on my balls.

    • I'm the same as you I get guys to give me head all the time but that's it. I don't want to fuck them or kiss or anything else just get me off and guys love to suck my dick. I'm not as long as you I'm 6 and a half inches long but 8 and a half inches in girth.

    • I had the same experience in high school except it didn`t start with a blow job I asked him if he would fuck me and we went back to a spare bedroom got naked and he fucked me bent over the side of the bed and shot his cum up my ass.
      After letting him fuck me almost every day for weeks he told me he wanted his friends to fuck me too. I didn`t have a problem with it so he arranged it and a couple of days later at his house while his parents were at work three of his friends showed up and in that same room I took off my clothes and let them all fuck me in the ass.
      Two were very well hung and all of them fucked me more than once and all of them came inside me each time. After that it happened often and I liked it a lot. For a couple of years I let all 4 of them fuck me when ever they wanted to which was quite often.
      Gangbangs out by the Lake late at night were pretty common back then and I have no regrets.

    • That sounds like heaven! I'm so jealous!

    • Love it

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