Need some SEXY things to do alone

I get so bored during the day when no one is home.
i need something sexy to do ALONE

i know porn and stuff & masturbation...but thats kinda old & gets boring after a While

what are some sexy things to do alone weather its in the shower or just the house, and i am 14 male so i cant buy stuff from shops.

ok, comment sexy things to do alone....
Think Sexy
Think WILD
any random ideas will be kool to try
and guess what, i have access to parents comdoms,bra & panties.

so Think Big, wild & SEXY!!!!! :D



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  • Depends on what you like or fetishes..Besides taking my hot older sister's thong panties and tiny, black thong bikini bottoms and spewing huge loads into them, I had/have a huge fetish for her killer-long, polished nails. If she broke one, rare as that was, thankfully, she'd keep it on her makeup tray and I'd go get it, polish it in my favorite, jet-red color that she wore (usually by my asking her to), and use that to pleasure myself as well.

    She knew about most of my ongoings, and once told me in her car that she loved how "obsessed" I was with her body. I had to laugh, since that was the perfect word to describe my activities and thoughts about both how beautiful and sexy she was, and her incredible body. If I wasn't getting at her when she slept, or spewing into her thongs, I was planning things to do. I also loved that she was so into it, being my sexual obsession.

  • Try masturbating while smelling sister or moms panties. It’s an amazing orgasm as you begin to cum and realize your face is against the place that forbidden family pussy leaks on. You’ll never cum so hard as you will when you begin to orgasm and you smell those pussies and then taste them. You’ll learn eventually that the more wrong things are the hotter they are for some reason. Just avoid illegal shit and getting caught. People like to judge others even when they have their own kinks.

  • What you ought to do, beings you have access to your parents condoms, is poke little holes in the tip with a needle, and spurt a little bit of your cum in their so there is a chance that you knock up your own mother. Also, you can set up a hidden camera in their bedroom to make some good porn to watch while you wack off into your mommy panties. I have also found that if you crush up some really sharp glass and mix it in with some vaseline, it gives the best sensations while masterbateing. Don't mind the blood though, it will heal up in a week or so.

  • Cut a hole in a watermelon or cantaloupe and stick your dick in it and while you fuck it finger your tight young asshole and you will cum like never before.

  • Find your self a rubber glove, lube it up, Put it between your box spring and upper mattress,(tape it down so it will not get away from you, and knock your self off! Pretend you are fucking anyone, you Mom, sister, brother,Dad what ever!!
    You will love it!!

  • That sounds like mattress rape to me

  • You could cam in sisters panties and short skirt or dress.
    And tease who is watching.

  • You should post this on Experience Project. You'd get a lot more ideas.

    I suggest find yourself a girlfriend.

  • I would personally go through my parents and sisters dirty washing and find a nice smelly pair of panties to sniff whilst masturbating! Might sound weird but its great and I like to cum in the panties or sometimes I might find a clean pair and leave a bit of the white stuff in there so I know that they will have my dirty cum on their ass/pussy

  • What I liked to do back when I was your age and home alone all day during the summers is get naked and spend hours sticking a lot of different things up my ass and jack myself off. I liked to eat m own cum at times so it felt good to cum with something deep in my ass.
    I used everything I could put in my ass and liked longer objects and really got off with something pretty fat that was hard to get up my ass. It would make me cum just by having it in my ass.
    When I was 13 my best friend fucked me in the ass one Saturday morning after I had to beg him to do it. After he agreed to fuck me I went and put some Vaseline up my ass then bent over the back of the couch and he fucked me from behind and loved it as much as I did and he came in my ass and fucked me several times that day and came in my ass every time.
    It took awhile but eventually we let other friends in on our secret and they all tried it and most of them fucked me all the time and my favorite was camping out on the creek and letting them all fuck me for hours. I liked being watched by every one while I was getting my ass fucked and having all that cum in my ass. We all sucked dick so most of the time I had one up my ass and one in my mouth. The most guys I ever had at one time was 8. My age or older and it happened often.
    I really got off on the bigger dicks and the ones that would shoot a really big load up my ass. I liked being fucked and really enjoyed the feel of a big hot load in my ass. I still enjoy anal sex anal toys and all sorts of anal play. I really cum hard with my asshole stretched around something pretty thick and really long deep in my ass. I still enjoy getting my ass fucked but it don't hardly happen enough these days. Try playing with your ass it will feel damn good and make you cum like crazy.

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