Love walking around naked or half naked

I love walking around naked or half naked in my apartment. I keep the windows wide open as I stroll through my apartment naked or in my bra and panties I've even caught some people in the neighboring building staring.
I'll even go out onto my balcony at night to smoke a cigarette in just my underwear Iand bra. I can feel eyes on me and I love... [more]

My moms friend did this

My moms horny friend seduced me she sucked my dick. I was 18 she was early 40's. She basicly raped me kept, she putting my hands on her tits. I was shy she knew it. She said listen honey I suck your dick again and I want you to fuck me next time. I was blown away, and a few days later I knocked on her door, my horny 18 year old dick wanted her... [more]

Is it Karma or just coincidence?PLOT TWIST FUNNY STORY

In 2011 I started fucking this woman I work with.We fucked every chance we got.That formed into a relationship that was good at first but I soon realized it was weird and she controlled it.I couldn't hold her hand in public,she wouldn't say I she was my girlfriend and I could not meet her parents,EVER.After a couple years I caught on that I fell... [more]

Sleeping friend

I had a really hot friend 4 years back when I was in school. I always wanted to fuck her but I knew she didn't think of me that way. We went to a party one night and she drank a lot like usual and passed out in one of the rooms. I saw her sleeping on my way to the bathroom. I don't know why but I decided to put my hands in her pants and touch her... [more]

Love of panties

When I was young I fantasied about one of my sexy aunts. My weekend sleep overs, seeing her in her short night gowns. Seeing her pretty panties in the clothes hamper then I changed my life. I took up her soiled panties and smelled her aroma, it instantly made me hard. The smell and feel of her nylon panties was exquisite. I put them on and... [more]

Tree House (part 3)

My little friend humped me for a long time, until plum worn out. Pulling out took some effort, as his pisser's head was so swollen and STUCK, due to my natural tightness. For a minute, it seemed that we were almost PERMANENTLY bonded. Bound together, in sheer lust. I was worried, until I heard another POP and felt relief from the tight tension, as... [more]

Rest area relief

I found a rest area with glory holes and changed my life. I had been a closet cross dresser for years, wearing panties, stockings and lingerie under my clothes for years. This night I had my garter/stockings on and a lacy pair of panties when I went in the stall. I looked thru the hole and saw some guy stroking a nice big dick, I had wondered... [more]

Tree House (part 2)

In vain! Vainly struggling to push back and past the daggerish pain, he eagerly stabbing at my bottom, wantingly.. or wantonly, ever whispering his exclamations of how wonderful and marvelous it felt, having his mushroom tucked and clamped inside the deep cleaved crater of my buns. How WARM it felt. Little did he know, just how desperately and... [more]

Panty wearing cum dump

I learned at a young age how much I enjoyed cocks. I found a bookstore with video booths and gloryholes. I would go in wearing sweat pants over my panties, garter and stockings. I loved the excitement of not knowing whose cock was in my mouth or ass, pumping me full of cum. I loved it when I was servicing a hard cock and someone would enter... [more]

Tree House (part 1)

We had moved to the far side of town, when I was 9. I felt so lonely, for a couple of years.
My old, older best friend never came to visit, being several miles away. I had tried it with him, once or twice, in the shower. Before him, years earlier, with another boy my age, in the swimming pool, while riding each other HORSEY BACK, the slick, wet... [more]

Sneaking Away During A Party

We were at a party, I was still breastfeeding, but was having a martini, and was going to pump and dump. I hadn't had a drink in 16 months, and after two was completely wasted. After a while, my boobs were swollen and sore, I needed to pump, but had forgot it at home. Not wanting to leave and waste precious babysitter time, hubby said he had an... [more]


I wasn't sure where to put this for the category. I am a 34 year old woman, 5'0", fair skin, hazel eyes, wire frame glasses, and medium blonde hair (keep it short). Guys have complimented my legs on regular basis. My breasts are large for my height (32DDD) and my nipples are super sensitive (sucking them = quickest way to get me wet & begging to... [more]

Shower Show

I was extremely curious and, then, promiscuous, at a very, very young age. I had a best friend and we had frequent sleepovers. Well, after getting to KNOW each other, in the attic. He started it, by mentioning how he would love to see my mom, NAKED, then me talking about his mom. We moved to the other side of town, later. But, one day, when alone... [more]

Porn shop confession

One night I was particularly horny, been walking around the house all day naked, shaved my cock and ass, fucking my ass off and on with my dildo and had been drinking all day. So I decided I would head out to the local porn shop and go back to the arcade and see what activity was going on. I go in to one of the movie booths and start watching some... [more]

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